The fifth meeting of Stakeholders

The fifth meeting of Stakeholders’ team was convened on July 19, 2019 at 3pm to 5pm at Peoples Convention Centre, Sector 36/B, Chandigarh. All the key stakeholders from State Legal Services Authority, District Legal Services Authority, Women and Child Support Unit, Social Welfare Board, Wards Councilor, Health Department, Government College, the Architects, Market Welfare Association, Resident Welfare Association, NGOs, and the Media were present. It was convoked to discuss the obstacles and ensuing panorama of making Chandigarh city all the more innocuous for the children, and to ascertain plausible panacea for sustainable working of the civil society and the CFCI team. The Annual Report 2018-19 of CFCI was unveiled and the stakeholders expatiated on their respective areas of expertise for the CFCI. The child members of the Helping Hand Child Parliament, Sector 52, Ward Number 12, were invited to share their conversance with child parliaments and their endeavors to make their city child friendly.

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