Child Friendly City Initiative

Don Bosco Navjeevan, under, “Child Friendly Chandigarh project” is able to empower the children with their Rights and Responsibilities. These children have their dreams and aspirations to see and create a better world. Leadership models are instilled in their mind through “Children’s Parliament.” It is a platform for the children to take up responsibilities for their peer groups as leaders. Children parliament has an essential part in imparting the knowledge to the children of slums and colonies regarding their rights and how they can stand against any atrocity. The holistic progress of a child is of paramount importance of Children’s Parliament in which they inculcate duties and responsibilities along with democratic values and practise them in their lives. In addition, if the students understand the significance of unity and harmony at a young age, all through their lives they will develop an affinity for teamwork and community participation instead of egoistic self-interests. They will develop leadership qualities if they perform in tandem and cooperation with their fellow students and they will find an expression to their innermost thoughts.


Right to Participation

Children’s parliament plays a key role in the development of management ability and leadership qualities in the students. This also created platform to express their capacities to reflect on complex issues. They get prime opportunity to articulate what they need to flourish and grow, they will recognize which needs are their rights, identify the barriers which are preventing them to realize their rights, what actions might take to mitigate these obstacles and how they can exercise these rights in their daily life.


1. On Health

2. On Education

3. On Safety