De addiction center

De-addiction centre:

Don Bosco Navjeevan extended its help in eliminating the malice of substance abuse in Punjab. Currently, Don Bosco is working under the aegis of Punjab State Aids Control Society in Moga and Tarntaran. Helping out more than 700 substance users to overcome this problem.

Punjab is struggling with the menace of drug abuse from a long time. Therefore, it has become an imperative part for us to work in this field. Don Bosco Navjeevan Society along with Punjab State AIDS Control society is working to eliminate the abuse of drug in Punjab. Two IDU Centres are run by Don Bosco Navjeevan Society in Punjab- One is in Tarantarn and other one is in Moga. It is a project for Injunction Drug Users and prevention from HIV/AIDS. Thousands of young people and youth are into these types of drugs in the state of Punjab. Don Bosco has taken up a challenge to reach out to two districts of Punjab.

Our program helps aid patient’s mental peace and health back as drugs do cause many mental illnesses. It creates a traumatic experience in one’s mind which boosts anxiety and panic. One might choose drugs to escape harsh reality of life and soothe themselves as some drugs create an experience that of euphoria, but in reality, they also cause bad trips.