Our Activities

Our Focus


We at Don Bosco work for the education and wellbeing of children, by providing education for the under-privileged, providing them with various vocational courses to enhance themselves.

Slum childern

Working with the slum children for their education and their health. Providing counselling and life skills.

Special Children

Providing day care facilities for the special children.

The focus of Don Bosco Navjeevan Society is to reach out to more and more needy children and youth in the Streets, slums and villages, improve the quality of life of the unfortunate ones, empower the women in the slums and villages through Mahila Mandals and Self Help Groups and life skill programs



1.Remedial Classes and nutrition Programmes:

Remedial classes are provided to the children of slums and colonies

Poor structured houses, constant fights in the families, alcoholic parents are unable to provide an ambient environment for the children to pursue their studies. Most of these children are studying in government schools, where they have very little follow up even no follow up is being done. However, Don Bosco Navjeevan has been providing facilities for remedial classes for 350 children in ten slums and colonies. Teachers are appointed to facilitate their studies and for other legal matters of the children.

Nutrition is provided to the children of remedial classes

Many of the children are not able to get proper food in their families. As a result, these children are prone to various sickness. Twice a week all the children are provided with nutrition like milk products, fruits etc.

Medical camp for children from remedial classes

Time to time free medical facilities is being provided to maintain the health of the children from slums and colonies.

2. Youth Activities:

It has been a long since Don Bosco Navjeevan has realized that Youth is the nuclear of the nation. Proper utilization of their energy, talents and intelligence can bring about drastic changes in to the society. Teachers and facilitators are round the clock to offer holistic development of the youth. Various programmes are being conducted for the youth (Boys and Girls).

2.1. Education:

Don Bosco Navjeevan has been facilitating NIOS and B.A. (Bachelor in Arts) course for the drop out students and economically weaker sections. A ray of hope is shown to the disoriented youth and taught them that life is meaningful. Constant guidance and coaching are provided to make them graduates in educational field.

2.2. Job Oriented Courses/ Vocational Training:

Empowerment of youth is possible when we teach them how to earn their living. Don Bosco Navjeevan has been providing the youth with job-oriented courses or skill training courses like, computer training programme, Beautician Training Programme, Para-medical Training, Tailoring Training, Hospitality Courses etc. Don Bosco Navjeevan makes sure that job placement is done.

Lessons are given to the IT and Para-medical students

Grooming classes are given to the students of all the courses to improve their personality

Practical classes of Beauty culture students

3. Staff training

Staff training was organized from 7th to 11th November 2021 at Saint Joseph Vaz Renewal Renewal Centre in Goa from 7am to 8pm. The resource persons were Mr. Pravin Sabnis and Mr. Manoj Mathew. The purpose of the training was to learn, open and improve the staff so that they can provide the best services to the deprived people of Chandigarh. Some of the sessions were provided to the staff by director and coordinators on various topics related to the organization.

4. Excursion trip for Children

Children from remedial classes, skill training, BA and NIOS were taken for the educational trip to various places in Chandigarh and outside. Remedial children, NIOS and children of skill training courses were taken to Chhatbir Zoo whereas BA students were taken to Kasauli for excursion trip. Don bosco allows children to do activities outside their academic curriculum. Children from the deprived section of the society merely enjoy their life  therefore, through these trips they enjoy and learn about things in the outside world.  

5. Sports Activities

Sports activities are promoted by Don Bosco Navjeevan Society. We train children from underprivileged section of the society These children have their dreams and aspirations to see and create a better world. Don Bosco Navjeevan Society helps these children in achieving their dreams. 

6. Music Classes for students at our center

Here at Don Bosco Navjeevan society, we ensure the overall growth of the children. Therefore, Extracurricular activities are performed with them. Music and dance are needed to keep the children occupied and to divert their attention from discouragement and fear prevailing in their surroundings.