Right Awareness

Right awareness:

Don Bosco is working on the field to create awareness on various topics as people from slums and colonies, lack the awareness to demand basic rights such as decent housing, basic services, educational opportunities, employment and participation in local (political) structures. Knowledge of rights is the surest defence against the danger of these rights being trampled upon. This also helped to bring about attitudinal change in human behaviour. The right awareness was also helpful for people to improve their social skills by interacting with people from diverse background.

Don Bosco worked in all the 10 different areas to spread the awareness related to social and health issues. We spread the awareness regarding the topics like How to stay safe online, Role of children in creating an ideal family environment, Importance of psychological health of a child, Government policies, illegal adoption and so on.

Goal: To enable the people to have knowledge about their rights and duties in the society.