Today International Day of Persons with Disabilities was celebrated at Don Bosco Sawera, Sector 47 D, Chandigarh Don Bosco Navjeevan Society is very grateful to the child parliament children and its tuition children from different colonies of Chandigarh city, with their efforts this celebration could take place. Understanding their social responsibility, the children like last year, donated their pocket money as well as funds were raised by them from other local residents . They did this all to create some happy moments for our differently abled children of Don Bosco Sawera. The children of Don Bosco Tuition Centre Faidan came to Sawera and they celebrated this day with the differently abled children by cutting cake and dedicated songs and dance items to them. They brought gifts for them and arranged cake and refreshments also. The tuition children danced with the differently abled children, had fun and made this day memorable for them. Many thanks to our tuition teachers who encouraged the children to fulfill their social responsibilities.