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Our Projects

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Overall objectives (impact): Contribution to the socio-economic strengthening of marginalized migrant families in the slums and colonies of the Tri-City Chandigarh


The health of many slums dwellers is endangered by the prevalent malnutrition of many children, a lack of medical staff and inadequate supply of medicines. There is a particular lack of regular preventive health check-ups for migrant families. Frequently occurring diseases and malnutrition in turn lead to low learning and working capacity and thus to an insecure and severely restricted income situation of the affected households.

Goal: To improve the health of the migrant families living in slums and colonies of Chandigarh by providing awareness and basic health care services.

Improved access to health care for all children, particularly for the children of the more disadvantaged groups

Number of health camps for children, especially for those in poorer locations =  

Number of Children Benefited: 11,809

Number of people benefitted: 24,062

In last 9 months more than 7000 people were benefitted from medical camps


Children are building blocks of the society and if they get quality education, it can broaden their horizons which can develop the social, cognitive and emotional abilities amongst them. The level of education is low in the disadvantaged settlements. Through, remedial classes Don Bosco promises to give quality education to the students.

Goal: The project focuses at improving the educational performances of children from 10 target slums and colonies.

Increased enrolment of children in school and reduced number dropping out

Number of children enrolled in schools in 3 years: 258

Number of increased enrolments in three years: 80

More than 10,000 children provided education so far


 The Chandigarh urban region has good vocational training centers (ITIs), colleges and universities, but they are not available to the poorest section of the population. As a result, many young people find themselves in precarious employment or are unemployed. DBNS provides skill training courses of the children who belong to under privileged section of the society.

Goal: To train the children with various skills, so that they can find adequate employment to sustain their living.


 Our initiative is to provide a platform for ladies to earn better livelihood by developing the sense of entrepreneurship and economic justice. Many women work for very low wages (about Rs 3500-5000 per month) in the informal sector and they do not have a chance to enable their children to attend school or to develop secure sources of income. Women are always neglected to take part in the decision- making process of the family. Our aim is to empower them to stand for their rights.


Goal: To increase the involvement of women in the society, their income and financial inclusiveness.


 The main objective of our project is to create awareness on various topics as people from slums and colonies, lack the awareness to demand basic rights such as decent housing, basic services, educational opportunities, employment and participation in local (political) structures.


Goal: To enable the people to have knowledge about their rights and duties in the society.